iATER equips Laotian youth with essential IT knowledge for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our courses cover programming basics to advanced subjects in algorithms, Python, JAVA (for AI, web backend, big data), and web development languages like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP. We emphasize artificial intelligence education, preparing the next generation to harness cutting-edge technologies and unleash their creativity. Our AI programs introduce students to machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. Beyond tech teaching, we aim to enable students to tackle real-world challenges through project-based learning, hands-on experience, and teamwork. iATER is dedicated to sustainable tech education that nurtures creativity and innovation, shaping Laotian youth into tech leaders of tomorrow. Join us in brightening Laos's future.

Why should we learn to code?

iATER provides coding education to children and youths in Laos to popularize IT.

    By learning coding, you can create your own games, applications, and websites. It's akin to having a set of blocks with infinite possibilities, allowing you to bring your ideas to life. During the coding process, you will encounter various challenges. By striving to solve these problems, learners develop more creative and logical problem-solving skills. These skills are invaluable not only for academic learning but also in everyday life.

   Our society increasingly requires more technology. Coding provides learners with opportunities to pursue a variety of careers in the future. Coding is utilized in numerous fields, not only in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but also in art, music, fashion, and more. Initially, coding may seem difficult, but as you begin to learn, you will gain confidence in your abilities. The sense of achievement when a program you've created works is tremendous.

   Through coding, learners gain tools to contribute to solving social issues. For example, you could develop an application for environmental protection or create a game that makes education more enjoyable and accessible. Your ideas have the power to improve the world.