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Purpose of establishment

The world is entering an era of innovation led by artificial intelligence (AI), witnessing unprecedented changes at a rapid pace. In this wave of transformation, embracing cutting-edge IT technologies, leveraging data innovatively, and adopting creative approaches in IT management are becoming increasingly crucial.

Founded in October 2020, with a mission to explore the boundless potential of AI, iATER stands as a beacon of advanced technology education and research in Laos. Alongside big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart sensors, AI forms the core of our research and education, aiming to nurture professionals who will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, IT is not an option but a necessity in every field, with artificial intelligence playing a pivotal role in shaping the future society.

Under the guidance of leading IT experts and professors from Korea, we support the youth of Laos in discovering their talents in AI, encouraging them to utilize their potential to the fullest. Witnessing these young minds seek creative and innovative solutions through artificial intelligence technology, we are confident in the bright future of IT in Laos, especially in the field of AI.

iATER is committed to leading research and nurturing talent in IT, including AI, fulfilling our mission with dedication. Your ongoing interest and support illuminate our journey, contributing to a brighter future for Laos. Join us in this remarkable journey of AI.




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